IAA Global

Mission and Values

Who we are

Established in 1938, the International Advertising Association is the only global association that represents all areas of the marketing and communications industry. Our membership is drawn from marketers, advertising, media, digital and public relations agencies, as well as media companies, research firms and educators.

For over eighty years the IAA has played a strong and supportive role in key industry issues such as freedom of commercial speech, self-regulation, responsible advertising, education and professional development. With its influence, vast network and grass roots operations the IAA is the natural platform for the many issues that confront today’s demanding and fast changing business environment.

Our Mission

The IAA is a one-of-a-kind global partnership composed of marketing companies, communication agencies, media platforms and education institutions. Across an ever-changing marketing landscape, we serve as the global compass dedicated to pointing the industry toward the high-ground of brand loyalty and high brand valuation. This is underpinned by marketing communications that enhance the lives of consumers and is fueled by harnessing the power of creativity. The IAA champions the cause of brands and ensures brands’ reputation flourishes and soars through the skies sans boundaries.

We have over 3,000 individual members across corporate, marketing services, media and academic sectors – all involved in the branding, communications, media and marketing disciplines. IAA has presence in most of the important markets in the globe either through its Chapters or through its education affiliates. 8o years later, IAA continues to be the only global organization which its reach across 76 countries, to serve the collective interest of advertising profession, unlike other bodies which protect the commercial interest of the sector they represent.

Our Values

  • Creativity that both inspires people to take action and solves business challenges.
  • Advocacy to protect and advance the freedom of commercial speech and defend the responsible communications industry against unwarranted bans and restrictions.
  • Industry Forum to debate emerging professional marketing communications issues and their consequences in the fast-changing industry environment.
  • Professional Development that uses our global network as a leading platform for sharing knowledge on industry issues, best practices and insights in a rapidly changing business environment.
  • Education that nurtures and exposes talent to “best-in-class” thought leadership that contributes to speedier recruitment by the industry.