AI generation : creating a better future with Artificial Intelligence

The Chinese Culture University Department of Advertising held its 31st annual graduation exhibition on the Friday, 20th March 2020 at Taipei Xinyi Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A9 Exhibition Hall.

The theme for this year’s graduation is [AI know], exploring on the Application of Artificial Intelligence and the Advancement of Technology. With the crossover of information, the human brain and artificial intelligence, there is a hope for a better future.

The opening ceremony was accompanied by our secret guest, Huang-Ching-Ying(黃瀞瑩), deputy spokeswoman for the Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je (柯文哲), shared her experience and encouraged the students to “Stay true to yourself and never forget your roots.”

The opening ceremony was followed by a tribute to the predecessors of the Advertising History. The one and only Research Center of Taiwan Advertising History, opened by the Chinese Culture University Department of Advertising, celebrated its 25th anniversary. This year, it paid tribute to the chairman of Caplock International Media Co., Ltd., J.K. Chiu(邱榮光董事長) who encouraged the students to not be afraid to try, and to think carefully about their future. The Chairman/General Manager of Dentsu Taiwan, Yanshiun Hu(胡嵓巽董事總經理) stated that “Every failure is nutrients that leads to eventual success.” Last but not least, the Chief Executive Officer of Pilot Group, Jocelyn Huang (黃鼎翎執行長) encouraged students to acknowledge their original intent, and have clear vision of their future.

The interview showcased the selfless sharing of their experience and Media and Public Relation contributions of our predecessors. A cake-cutting ceremony was held at the end of the opening ceremony to celebrate 25 years of elaborate history, marking a milestone in Advertising History.

This year’s Universities–industry collaboration (UIC) consists of ten teams, working hand-in-hand with the industries in brand marketing, online to offline public relations and coming up with brilliant marketing strategies.

We invited the Chairmen of the Association to each individual stalls and conducted a walkthrough tour, guided by our students, to help understand the industry’s brand and the outcomes of what they have achieved, and to show the students’ learning journey, development and growth in ideas, theory and practice. This year, we had a breakthrough in exhibition design, we included a tunnel with a curtain of the numbers 1 and 0 to represent data and information. The carpet was designed to mimic the flow of the river, signifying the flow of information. There is also a wall designated for the topic of Artificial Intelligence, to give the visitors a sense of the theme of the graduation exhibition.

The students of the Chinese Culture University Department of Advertising took full advantage of what they have learnt in the past four years and showed their skills in planning, executing and designing, as well as social media marketing, whether it is online or offline, exceeding the standards and ceilings that society has set for them.