Young Professionals

"Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor"

Lailah Akita

The communications industry is an amazing blend of diverse minds and experiences. Every person can tell a story of someone who shaped their growth and learning by a senior leader and took that knowledge to new places creating innovation that has never been seen or experienced. The young people of today will create the world of advertising for today and tomorrow often with the help of someone who brings out the best they have to offer.

The IAA as an organization has always been committed to developing young talent in the marketing and communications industry to ensure we proactively continue the development of strong leaders and professionals generations to come. IAA’s Young Professionals, an extension of the IAA exists solely to enable qualified young professionals and those interested in entering the industry to get a firm foothold in the industry via learning and development programs and networking events to teach, guide and mentor them on their journey.

Via local IAA Young Professional chapters, members can form unique relationships with peers as well as learn and be mentored by senior IAA members. Every chapter holds ongoing events through the year that include chances to engage with senior leaders, work with their peers in “real-world” scenarios and via networking events to meet the people that will grow alongside them throughout their career. The common factor that unites everyone is the love and passion for the marketing communications industry. With 1,000 Young Professional IAA members worldwide and chapters in 12 countries you can kickstart your career today with IAA Young Professionals.

Why & How to join?


  • Extensive networking opportunities with industry professionals
  • Exclusive mentoring opportunities with industry stalwarts
  • Access to industry events (seminars, working lunches etc.)
  • Discounts for industry events (IAA Congresses and conferences)
  • Infinite Learning opportunities to stay updated with the industry

How to become an IAA Young Professionals member

Option 1: Apply to local Young Professionals Chapter

Option 2: Join local IAA chapter (in case local IAA Young Professionals chapter is not available)

Young Professional membership is valid for maximum five years. For renewal, Young Professional members may be duly proposed, seconded and approved, in order to become full Individual members. They will then be required to pay established dues for Individual membership

Contact us

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