Professional Training

Our Mission

The IAA’s Professional Training mission is to train and advance leaders who make a difference in the MarComm industry and in the world. Achieving this mission requires a commitment to excellence and career-long learning providing an environment rich with innovation, respect, and community.

Why IAA Professional Training

The rapid digital change is disrupting the marketing communications industry faster then ever before. The way we think today may not be the same tomorrow however, how do you leap to the future while staying true to the timeless principles of building lasting brands? What does the talent of tomorrow need to succeed in this ever-changing landscape?

IAA is the only global association with members coming from the entire spectrum of marketing communication industry giving our trainers an access to best, pioneering practices across marketing, advertising, media and technology. We’ve partnered with our leading trainers to craft MASTER CLASSES that help arm today’s leaders with hands-on learning of today’s best brand building practice.

I. Master Class in Brand Building

This training – chalked full of colorful and engaging multimedia real-world success stories -- will outline a step-by-step paradigm to unleash brand love and loyalty.

Marketers need to develop both right-brain (creativity and conceptualization) and left-brain (analytics and systematic thinking) “muscles.” Without ignoring the latter, we will focus on the former. The boot camp will encourage new marketers to become true brand stewards, professionals who leverage deep insight into consumer motivations to build enduring loyalty.

During each module, we will align “traditional” practices of brand building with the possibilities of new digital platforms and newly-empowered consumers. In the process, participants will discover there are universal and timeless fundamentals of branding that are more important than ever in the digital era.


1. The Consumer Insight

uncovering a fundamental motivation for behavior and brand preference that answers the question, “Why?”

2. The Brand Purpose

Defining a long-term relationship between consumers and brands that: a) resolves the consumer insight, b) ensures consistency across time, and c) provides the unpinning of all engagement and customer experience.

3. Engagement Ideas/Content

Developing creative expressions of the Brand Purpose that transform passive exposure into active participation while measurably changing consumer behavior. 

4. Engagement Planning

Weaving the engagement ideas through the fabric of life to maximize growth, advocacy and intimacy with the brand. 


  • Two days, starting at 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Maximum number of attendees: 50
  • Lunch will be provided.

II. Diploma in digital excellence

IAA Digital Excellence is designed specifically for professional marketing- and advertising executives with many years’ experience in planning and executing marketing activities. Many marketers are, however, often digital immigrants who primarily have learned about the digital possibilities on the job. IAA Digital Excellence is specifically designed to bring these marketers’ knowledge and experience in the digital universe to the same level as their experience in the analogue world.

Marketing executives do not need to learn practical hand-on procedures for the digital possibilities, but they do need to have a thorough and broad knowledge of the digital opportunities to secure a strong marketing strategy and the correct focusing and priorities.


1. Onboarding

Digital strategy and challenges, SEO, SEM, banners, affiliate, advertising networks, The customer journey and touch points etc.

2. Learning

Customer insights, Content marketing, Analytics, Strategic digital paradigm etc.

3. Converting

The digital strategy, CRM, Mobile marketing, Marketing Automation

4. Loyalizing

E-commerce, Budgeting, Planning, Execution, Necessary resources, Outsourcing, The press and the digital communication, Digital marketing and project management


  • 4 modules each consisting of three full days from 09.00-17.00
  • Maximum number of attendees: 20.

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