Continued Professional Development

Today, the communication world is global. With the internet and social media, any message can reach a large percentage of the world’s population. And yet each country and region is also local with its own culture, behavior, and market place. A strong brand position on the local market must be based on inspiration and insight from outside – and knowledge and methods to transform this to results at local and global level.

This is the unique advantage of utilizing Training & Development services of the IAA. We have structured our programs to satiate the needs of young entrants as well as experienced professionals.

The IAA's Training and Development programs are built on an international structure – based on the newest global best practice and the latest insights and research results. On each market the content is put into a local context, by top professionals within the different areas. IAA brings global inspiration to the local marketing professionals. The amount of educational learning as well as networking opportunities on offer with the IAA is invaluable.