2022 IAA industrial prediction campaign - series 3

How’s the 2022 industrial prediction from IAA Taipei & IAA Global?

COVID is a mean to trigger new normal, all the marketing efforts will be evolved into it. COVID won’t be a factor to slow down the path anymore...
Irene Chen
Vice President Media, AGB NIELSEN MEDIA RESEARCH B.V. Taiwan

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The connected future has arrived - innovation and new experience technologies are now critical in creating differentiation and growth. But its connected experience - creativity that crosses touchpoint, sense and communities, and that is driving this future...
Gary Chi
CEO, Isobar Taiwan

We are seeing an air of optimism with a cloud of volatility on the horizon. Our job is to make sure we make the most of that air and be resilient with that cloud as much as we can…
Asad ur Rehman
Executive Board, IAA UAE
Director Media & Digital Hubs, Unilever, MENA, Turkey, and Russia
Localization of content has ruled the roost last year and will continue to be a defining trend in 2022 as well. There’s an upswing in viewing demand coming in from non-urban India and the year ahead will witness an increased focus on preferred languages that will not just be limited to content but other allied services like UIs and subtitles.Alongside, SVOD would continue to grow aggressively with increasing cohorts of audiences choosing to pay for good content. I believe the right synergy of compelling content and price point would be the key in attracting a bigger share of consumers. Needless to say, differentiated programming would be imperative to add to a brand's competitive advantage.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- However, with the proliferation of digital, linear would also witness an upward rise, building further on last year's growth. As both the platforms stand to coexist, content will emerge as the biggest differentiating factor, with viewer preferences transcending languages and geographies. To summarize, TV & Digital will grow and Content will glow!
Megha Tata
Managing Director, South Asia - Discovery Communications
There are two constants that will endure for some time to come. "Digital" will continue its relentless march and occupy more mindspace in every facet of our life. Be it media or payments or tech innovations. 
The other is the concept of the Global MarketPlace. I refrain from calling it the global village because while technology has shrunk the world, the last few years have shown us that the global marketplace is one where the strong flows and ebbs of language, nationalism, and ethnicity will still play their important roles. The wise marketer plans ahead, keeping these factors in mind.
Janak Sarda
Founder & CEO,
Blue Logic Digital, Dubai
Deshdoot, Media Group, India