IAA Bangladesh - Content Marketing Conference - 2021

IAA-Bangladesh Chapter in collaboration with Bangladesh Brand Forum is going to initiate the first ever “Bangladesh Content Marketing Conference -2021”

As you know, Last 12 months have been very difficult for all of us as we were down with Pandemic. If we learned anything in the past 12 months, it is that we need to be ready for what the world throws at us. The effective use of content and technology will help us to navigate and bring stability to the chaotic and unpredictable marketing world we are living in. Content and Content Marketing has been a buzz word for quite a some time now but the proper knowledge regarding content planning, creation, execution and dissemination is largely missing from the Bangladeshi Industry. We all are somehow looped into the vicious cycle of virality without even considering the longevity and meaningful connection of the content.

The two day conference is designed with 5 Keynote Sessions from Global Experts, 4 Panel Discussions from Industry Leaders, 2 Insight Sessions from Practitioners and 2 Case Studies from Businesses. We will also be developing a content marketing framework for Bangladesh Market.